Momo by Michael Ende, Conde Duque, Madrid, 2018

Momo by Michael Ende

What if we run out of time? If we are only thinking about finishing what we are doing quickly and about the future. So, when are we going to play?

Two actresses and an actor take us on a journey about friendship, the value of simplicity and the need to learn to waste time, because without imagination and without play, everything else vanishes. The theatrical version of the classic book Momo by Michael Ende invites you to imagine a world in which time has vanished and there are no more clocks «because the hours, minutes and seconds have stopped counting.”

Directors Annie Pui Ling Lok and Juan Ayala have collaborated since 2011 in inclusive shows that cross theater and dance.

Interpreters; Sandra Arpa, Daniel Gallardo y Rebeca Hernando

set design & costumes: Lilli Hartmann