The Wizard of Oz, A live film 2019

Conde Duque Madrid

photos: Rubén Vega Balbás

* Adaptation of the homonymous novel by Frank L. Baum

A cyclone, some shoes, four friends, a charlatan, witches, a brain, flying monkeys, a hugging tree, an emerald city, a very long beard, a hot air balloon and going back home. Dorothy comes across all of these things on her journey to find the terrible wizard of Oz.

This live film re-imagines the famous story of the Land of Oz, celebrating friendship, will and the fight against tyranny.

direction: Annie Pui Ling Lok and Juan Ayala
interpreters: Sabrina Catalán, Eva Egido, Pietro Olivera y Paula Rodríguez
set and costumes: Lilli Hartmann
dramaturgy: Sofia Paschou
director of photography: Federico Sancho
musical direction: Adrián García de los Ojos
light design: Leticia López Karamazana
production assistant: Eva Mora
video advisor: Iñigo Rodríguez-Claro