Apollo and Daphne, Fux OPERNFEST VOL.2*, Styriarte

photos: Nikola Milatovich

How does a tree dance, Daphne? How does a tree wave its limbs, shake its roots?

My dance is the dance of time, says Daphne. My dance is my unfolding.

Fux.OPERNFEST VOL.2*, 2019 presents Johann Joseph Fux:

Dafne in Lauro(1714) – an opera about a mythological metamorphosis

Suddenly her legs took root, and her arms grew into long and slender branches. Apollo reached the laurel and still enamoured with Daphne held the tree… (Encyclopaedia Mytica)

* Fux-Festspiele, Styriarte (2018-2023)

Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741) was a star of Viennese opera. His works have been lost out of sight for many years.  Styriarte has made it its mission to retrieve the treasure of his lifetime’s achievement in a festival cycle (Fux-Festspiele 2018-2023). Each year until 2023 they will present an opera from his baroque magic realm.