I'm tired of Rock 'n Roll

2009, performance, created for Dómestico 2008, duration approx. 8min

The artist rolled the stone from her studio to the exhibition space.
On arrival all lights were switched off and the following song was performed play back.

music by Krater, voice: Kim Warsen, lyrics: Lilli Hartmann

I did not want
to hang from a tree
so I ate the world
before it ate me

down the river
down the hill
down the drain it went
and me

all that time with
a guitar in my hand

the water kept rising
up to my neck
when all of a sudden
I heard a big crack

the next thing I
can’t remember no more
but when I woke up
I was safe ashore

my guitar was gone
but instead I find
this great big rock
and a turning mind

looking for answers
and clues that could tell
why life is sad
and living hell


I still don’t know why
but know it don’t matter
because today I feel much better

roll roll rock ’n roll
rock n’ rock n’ roll
rock n’ rock n’ roll
rock rock

and the sun it shines through my legs for all