Paper Theatre, Fux Festivals 2018 - 2023

Julo Ascanio, Apollo and Daphne

Pop-up theatre design for the Fux- Festivals Styriarte.*

* The operas by Johann Joseph Fux (1660-1741) are a treasure unretrieved. They are as Italian as any opera by Händel or Vivaldi, but there is more to them: the unpredictable ideas of a Styrian peasant boy and the desire of the Viennese court to be entertained on the highest level.

In the following years Styriarte will become the stage for the first Fux-Festivals. In these six opera celebrations up to June 2023 they will shine a light on all facets of maestro Fux, from the mythological transformation piece (Dafne in Lauro) to the historical hero piece (Costanza e fortezza), with magical images of nature (Gli Ossequi della notte), with sparkling eroticism (psiche), and all full of Belcanto and dance tunes that have already delighted the Fux contemporaries.


Julo Ascanio, Poemetto dramatico, 1708 / Felix Austria


Apollo und Daphne, Componimento da camera, 1714 („Dafne in Lauro“) / Transformed


Die Geschenke der Nacht, Serenata, 1709, („Gli Ossequi della notte“) / Presents of the Night


Amor und Psyche, Componimento da camera, 1720/22 („Psiche“) / Desire


Die Krönung der Ariadne, Festa teatrale per musica, 1726 („La corona d’Arianna“) / On Holiday


Costanza e Fortezza, Festa teatrale per musica, 1723 / Heroes and Heroines