La Ultima Congregación (engl. The Last Assembly)

a performance inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus spoke Zarathustra

photos: Cristina Rocha Novoa

Eternity wanted to become human again, so she climbed down the mountain.

In the forest she came across a saint and she asked him:

“What are you doing in the forest Saint?

Saint: “I make songs and I sing and I laugh and I cry and I grumble (…)”

A society at its end holds a last meeting. The attendants, Eternity, a Saint, the Old Heart, the Last Man, the Stomach of Existence, the Small Naked Truth and the Sun gather. They mourn the loss of the divine mystery and discuss the prophecy of the ‘Übermensch’. Eventually the meeting reverts into a ritual sacrifice with the fatal consequences that the unimaginable becomes a reality.


Eternity – Pablo Durango
The Last Man – Alejandro Otero
Old Heart – Adrian Mas
Small Naked Truth – Claudia de Santiago
Sun – Antonio Lopez
Saint, Stomach of Existence and Virgin- Clara Duran
music – Kim Warsen and Javier Collisdirection
set design & costumes – Lilli Hartmann