Sing Little Bird

Homeworks Trilogy, 2005

photos: Trixi Hartmann

The Homeworks Trilogy has been shot entirely in one apartment. Each of the films belongs to a different genre and has been allocated to a particular room of the flat. All actors are played by the same person. The Bun in the Oven (western) has been shot in the kitchen, Sing Little Bird (asian fight film) in the bed- and bathroom and Achmed, the Blue Wonder (Heimatfilm, engl. homeland film)in the living room.

The Bun In The Oven

2005, 7.44min, DV Pal, ratio 4:3

Two cowboys desire the same woman. One of them is going to die.

Sing Little Bird

2005, 9.54min, DV Pal, ratio 4:3

An asian flood, a song and a devastating decision.

Achmed, The Blue Wonder

2005, 10.01min, DV Pal, ratio 4:3

A remote village in the mountains is slowly dying out. For over 30 years they have not been blessed with offspring. But one day fate will take its turn in a way no one expected.